21st December 2021

Today is Srila Gurudev’s 93rd Appearance Day celebration. Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math has compiled a sweet selection of offerings here, and more here from the Soquel seva ashram. A partial compilation of his Bengali poems and articles with their English translations is now available here in pdf format.

Sri Vyasa Puja 2002: Nabadwip festival photos and audio, 1st January 2002

Sri Vyasa Puja 2003: Photos from festival, Sripat Bamunpara, 11th December 2003

Sri Vyasa Puja 2005: Photos from Nabadwip festival, 17th December 2005

Sri Vyasa Puja 2007: Photos from Nabadwip festival, 25th December 2007

25th December 2007, Nabadwip

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28th May 2021

“We are always within worried-ness, but if we will understand it, then worried-ness not will come to us. But if worried-ness not will come to us, we will be lazy and stay in some one chair and not do anything. That’s also other problem.” Morning darshan, 26th March 2007, Nabadwip. (podcast link)

(26th March 2007, Bamunpara)