12th March 2021

“Give me a drop of merciful water or thunderbolt, that is your wish, but I cannot leave your lotus feet, I must engage myself for the service.” Srila Gurudev discusses the merciful character of the Lord. Morning darshan, 21st February 2007, Nabadwip. (podcast link)

(21st February 2007, Nabadwip)

8th March 2021

“This is the real identity of the jiva souls: we are all servitor, not enjoyer, but other way enjoyment will come through service, and if we can proceed in this way very easily we can make our fortune.”  Morning darshan, 18th February 2007, Nabadwip (podcast link)

(More photos from Venezulan devotees’ arrival below, 18th February 2007, Nabadwip)

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