11th March 2019

“Beauty will come through love, through affection. But first condition there is devotion. Devotion will come through dedication. Then all is related: love, affection, beauty, charm, everything. Devotion, dedication, in the one chamber… If you have no love, you not will get taste.” Classic morning darshan, 11th March 2007, Nabadwip.

(5th January 2006)
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10th March 2019

“If will get back what we have got from our Gurudev—pure consciousness about Sri Krishna—then every song, every advice, every thought, every sloka, we will feel, ‘What is there? My existence.’ Then problem not will come to us.” Morning darshan, 5th March 2007, Nabadwip.


“When we are giving connection with electricity, one to another line, we cannot see but when sparking we can feel that, we can see that time.” (photos from 18th March 2007)

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5th March 2019

“You are my fortune builder. You give your mercy; my fortune will be glorious.” Srila Gurudev’s pilgrimage to Sri Buroraj Shiva in Jhamalpur and then to Hapaniya with a bit of ‘field recording’ in between.  28th February 2003.

“We consider this place as Varshana for us.”
(photos by Gaurachandra Prabhu, 28th February 2003)

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24th February 2019

Appearance Day Festival of Bhagavan Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad. Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math has compiled a nice selection of offerings here.

From this day, 7th February 2007:
Morning darshan on the veranda in Nabadwip
Srila Gurudev sings Acharyya Vandana  and Sri Dayita Das Pranati Panchakam
Glorification of His Divine Grace in English, Nabadwip public programme
Evening discussion with sannyasis

More than forty additional photos from this day can be found in the slideshow here.


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