“Qualification is not sufficient. Feelings with devotional mood and fully dedicated with that subject, then you will get perfect, everything will reveal to you.” Srila Gurudev discusses the necessary qualifications for translation service.  Morning darshan, 8th January 2008, Nabadwip


vikrīḍitaṁ vraja-vadhūbhir idaṁ cha viṣṇoḥ
śraddhānvito ’nuśṛṇuyād atha varṇayed yaḥ
bhaktiṁ parāṁ bhagavati pratilabhya kāmaṁ
hṛd-rogam āśv apahinoty achireṇa dhīraḥ
(CC Antya 5.48, SB 10.33.39)

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